I shall never be able to compensate my fraternity for all that it has done for me, no matter what service I may be allowed to give. In it I have found my most intimate friends. As undergraduate chapter president, I gained broad administrative experience, and from my fraternity I have derived my most cherished ideals of conduct.
— Dr. Herman B. Wells, Sigma Nu; Former Indiana University President

Our Mission

The University of South Florida Interfraternity Council exists to create an atmosphere that encourages positive development and advancement of its member organizations. We will serve to promote the progression of the fraternity community through healthy growth, leadership development, and accurate representation of recognized fraternities to all stakeholders of the University.

Our Values

The University of South Florida Interfraternity Council prides itself on exhibiting and promoting the values of scholarship, leadership, brotherhood, service, and integrity; these are the values that constitute the premier fraternity man.