1. You must meet the 2.75 overall GPA requirement.

2. Register and pay recruitment fee ($20).

3. Attend Orientation & Open House

9/15 MSC Oval Theatre 5pm & MSC Ballroom 7pm

4. Attend PNM Selection to accept a bid

9/22 MSC 2nd Floor SG Computer Lab 10am-2pm



Fall 2019 IFC Recruitment Schedule

SEPT 15 Orientation & Open house (MANDATORY)

  • Orientation, MSC Oval Theatre 5pm

  • Open House , MSC Ballroom 7pm

SEPT 16-19 Open Events (6pm-10pm)

  • Each fraternity will host recruitment events

  • Details can be found during Open House

SEPT 20-21 Traditions Dinners (Invite Only)

  • Each fraternity will host a traditions dinner

  • Dinners will be held both Friday and Saturday

SEPT 22 BID Acceptance (MANDATORY) 10am-2pm

  • MSC 2nd Floor Student Government Computer Lab

  • All PNMs (Potential New Members) must attend in order to select the fraternity they want to join

SEPT 22 IFC Bid Rally

  • USF Corbett Soccer Stadium 7pm

  • All new members will reveal which fraternity they join

If you have any questions, please contact Logan Semegram at ifcusf.recruitment@gmail.com.