1. You must meet the 2.85 overall GPA requirement.

2. Register and pay recruitment fee ($20).

3. Attend Orientation & Open House

9/15 MSC Oval Theatre 5pm

4. Attend PNM Selection to accept a bid

9/22 MSC 2nd Floor SG Computer Lab 11am-2pm



Fall 2019 IFC Recruitment Schedule

SEPT 15 Orientation & Open house (MANDATORY)

  • Orientation & Open House, MSC Oval Theatre 5pm

SEPT 16-19 Open Events (6pm-10pm)

  • Each fraternity will host recruitment events

  • Details can be found during Open House

SEPT 20-21 Traditions Dinners (Invite Only)

  • Each fraternity will host a traditions dinner

  • Dinners will be held both Friday and Saturday

SEPT 22 BID Acceptance (MANDATORY) 11am-2pm

  • MSC 2nd Floor Student Government Computer Lab

  • All PNMs (Potential New Members) must attend in order to select the fraternity they want to join

SEPT 22 IFC Bid Rally

  • USF Corbett Soccer Stadium 7pm

  • All new members will reveal which fraternity they join

If you have any questions, please contact Logan Semegram at ifcusf.recruitment@gmail.com.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship you must:
-Go through Fall 2019 IFC recruitment
-Accept a bid from an IFC fraternity
-Have this application submitted by 12 PM on Friday, September 20th at 12 PM.

If you would like to withdraw from IFC Recruitment, please fill out the form above by Thursday 9/19 @ 5pm.