How can joining an IFC Fraternity help me succeed academically?Academic success is an important part of college life. One of the central purposes of fraternities is to promote academic excellence. Each organization requires a minimum grade point average to remain an active member of the chapter. All chapters emphasize the value of academic success and will help you succeed with scholarship programs, study halls, incentive programs, and study buddies.


Are IFC Fraternity Members involved on campus?
IFC Fraternities give members the opportunity to enhance and develop their leadership skills. Members of the Greek community are represented in most campus groups including Student Government Association, Student Alumni Association, Orientation Team Leaders, Green and Gold Guides, Dance Marathon, Homecoming and many more. As a chapter member, you will have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of leadership organizations. 




Do IFC Fraternity Members participate in community service?
Every year Greek students give thousands of hours of service to the community. Members donate their time to projects such as: Habitat for Humanity, reading to underprivileged children, Adopt-A-Highway, and the Special Olympics.

Greeks also sponsor fundraising activities for charitable organizations. Each fraternity chapter has its own national philanthropy, which it supports on an ongoing basis. Chapters have special events to raise money for their particular project like raising money for research for the blind, children with terminal illnesses, awareness against driving under the influence, and victims of domestic violence.

Professional Development

Does being a member of an IFC Fraternity have benefits after graduation?
With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, a college degree no longer guarantees a successful career. What you know is now just as important as who you know. When someone joins a fraternity, they begin building relationships with the families and friends of those chapter members. Members are also introduced to alumni of their chapters all over the country. By joining a Greek letter organization, you can create an entire network of people, from which could possibly come a future employer, spouse, or lifelong friend.

Sheehen Nouri - Former IFC President, current student of the Stetson University College of Law and most importantly a fraternity man of USF (Sigma Nu)

Sheehen Nouri - Former IFC President, current student of the Stetson University College of Law and most importantly a fraternity man of USF (Sigma Nu)



What's the cost associated with joining an IFC Fraternity?
Joining a fraternity does carry a financial commitment. Each chapter is self-supporting through dues paid by members. When students join a Greek letter organization, they also agree to pay dues and to maintain membership. Although chapters may make accommodations for special needs, students should discuss the financial obligations with their family and chapter leaders before deciding to join.