Why a Fraternity at the University of South Florida?

The fraternities here at USF create many opportunities for your son, which includes Scholarship, Brotherhood, Leadership and much more.


Joining a fraternity at a large university like USF gives your son the chance to ease into college and meet a lot of diverse people who he will be friends with for the rest of his life.  A students first semester can be overwhelming. Our fraternities offer the ideal network of young men for your son to become more familiar and comfortable with the university sooner than the rest of his peers as well as providing the fraternal support system that you, as their parent, can't always provide from home while they are away at college. It is sincere when we say that fraternities are our homes away from home. 


Academics are the top priority for the fraternity system. Our fraternities adhere to a strict scholarship program that ensure that they are excelling academically; which in turn, helps your son with the transition into college life as well as succeed in his studies. Fraternities have many resources in place that enable your son to do the best he can academically, including mentorship from older brothers, chapter offered scholarships and access to tutors provided by the university. Our council offers additional scholarships for new and active members as well as providing a database of the scholarships offered by each fraternity national headquarters. 


There are many great leaders of this country and the business world who were members of a fraternity. Your son will have many opportunities to take on leadership roles within his fraternity, the university, and his community. All of our fraternities strive to produce men with strong leadership skill to help them succeed both in school and later on in life.

This year, the IFC Executive Board has established the Junior Interfraternity Council (JIFC) Leadership Development Program that serves as a platform to inspire and develop new members into potential leaders for the Interfraternity Council and general student body each semester.


The efforts by USF's Greek community truly strives to serve to the benefit of the Tampa community. Several thousands of hours and dollars are donated to charities and service projects each year by our fraternities through community initiatives like Stampede of Service, Relay for Life, and Dance Marathon benefiting the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Network. 

If you have any questions, feel free to follow the link provided below to explore our different options of contact.