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 Rocky giving the IFC Community his stamp of approval.

Rocky giving the IFC Community his stamp of approval.

Here at the University of South Florida, we are now celebrating 50 years of Greek Life on our campus. These years have been filled with opportunity and accomplishment. Members of the Interfraternity Council at USF have gone on to enjoy success in all facets of life because of the lessons they learned here. Throughout this time, we have striven to provide an experience based on the values of our chapters, rather than the perceived negative consequences of Greek Life. 

It is difficult not to be aware of the challenges currently facing our community, with negative connotations associated with our name, it is easy for individuals to misunderstand what exactly we represent. We represent an experience that can be found in no other group, club, or organization on a campus. When you associate with a fraternity you’re not just meeting new friends or acquiring a place to live. It’s much more than that. You’re becoming a part of a brotherhood. Brotherhood is a unique, private bond based on intangible, invisible principles. And because of this bond, you’ll be making friends which last not a semester, or four years, but for a lifetime.  However, to know of its existence is one thing, but to experience the brotherhood of fraternity membership is another. It is a oneness, which transcends all cultural, economic, and ideological differences and overlooks petty disagreements and selfishness. Brotherhood is the essence of Greek Life and is the foundation of our values.

We strive everyday to defeat the stereotypes as we continue to develop young men into successful individuals. We are proud to say that our members are consistently academically successful, commendable candidates for post graduate employment, and most importantly, active model citizens in our community. Members of the IFC at USF are more likely to graduate in four years, and hold an average GPA that is significantly higher that the all-male GPA of our institution. Our members participate in philanthropy, raising thousands of dollars every year for local and national causes, dedicating their own time to volunteering efforts in these areas. One thing is certain, if there is any experience which creates a well-rounded individual, it is the fraternity experience. 

With the great pleasure of serving as the President of our council, I extend this invitation for you to explore the great opportunities and unique experience of being a member of our community.



Logan Holland

Interfraternity Council President


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