A Welcome from the President:

Rocky giving the IFC Community his stamp of approval.

Rocky giving the IFC Community his stamp of approval.

Fraternity & Sorority Life at the University of South Florida has been an ever growing and continuously successful facet of our campus experience for over 50 years. In its tenure there have been countless accomplishments and opportunities for growth for those who spend their collegiate years finding themselves in pursuit of brotherhood. We are honored to call many of the University’s outstanding alumni members of the Interfraternity Council at USF, witnessing these men achieve personal pinnacles in all aspects of life. We continuously strive to provide an experience based on the values of our chapters by choosing to focus on the outward vision and future successes of the Greek Community.

Our purpose as a IFC Community is to provide an experience which can be found nowhere else in the collegiate experience. Discovering a brotherhood to call home consists of bonds to men who will stand by you for life, provide you with a network for success, support you in times of need, and fuse the necessity for scholastic and professional achievement with the characteristics of a well rounded socially excellent gentleman. Brotherhood’s unique and private bond goes far beyond the preconceived notions from those outside its walls of sanctity and trust. These friendships last for life and will open doorways to your future that one can only dream of. However, to know of its existence is one thing, but to experience the brotherhood of fraternity membership is another. The community, which transcends all cultural, economic, and ideological differences, overlooks petty disagreements and selfishness. The essence of the Interfraternity Council is to build brotherhood.

Each and every day we make strides towards defeating the stereotypes that surround our way of life. By continuously creating an atmosphere which breeds inclusivity, passion for change, a desire for success, and the aptitude for leadership there is no better place to spend your time as a young adult setting yourself up for a bright future. Within our community, we showcase a consistent academic success rate, commendable candidacy for post graduate employment, and most importantly — the benchmark for being an active model student at USF. Members of the IFC are more likely to graduate in four years, and hold an average GPA that is significantly higher than the all-male GPA of our institution. Our members participate in philanthropy, raising thousands of dollars every year for local and national causes. Ultimately, to call yourself a brother within the IFC is a privilege and opportunity which, most certainly, creates a better man.

With the great pleasure of serving as the President of the Interfraternity Council at the University of South Florida, I extend this invitation for you to find a home with one of these outstanding fraternities, giving you a lifelong support system and unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

Fraternally yours,

Jacob Lenamond

Interfraternity Council President


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